Providing on-scene real-time key info to security authorities in case of terror attack Instructions for users how to react in case of terror attack

7551 terror attacks
15952 victims
in 2018

Living and working under terror threat is the new normal

Everyone on all continents are being targeted:

Tourist centers and resorts
Airports and other transportation facilities
Venues like concert halls
Schools and universities
Factories and other facilities


Lack of clarity about what’s going on during terror attack, and short period of time from beginning to the end of attack, reduces security forces capability to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Under sudden life treating stress it’s hard for people to focus and prioritize information they want to send out.

General public don’t know what is most important for security forces to know.

Calling police is a slow process.
Calling someone else is like having "a middle-man" and is even more slower.
Texting is very hard under ongoing terror threat.
Social networks provide limited reach - only to people who can see your feed.

There is a need to find a faster and more focused way to channel key information to authorities and relevant sources.


Our smartphone app lets authorized users send real-time information and updates about active terror attacks they are currently experiencing to the relevant security force.


Our user interface is tailored for use under experience of severe stress and alertness during active terror threats and attacks.


Information sent are exactly what security forces need to have clarity, and make qualified decisions and achieve the best possible outcomes.


Our smartphone app enables the users with the precise instructions in case of terrorist attack to protect themselves, as well as the self-aid instructions and helping the others.



In case of terrorist attack authorized user (e.g. worker, teacher, club manager or factory guard) initiates one-tap terror attack alert by sending the urgent notification and exact location to security force HQ


Security HQ receives the alert or multiple alerts from the users and exact locations


smartphone app

Authorized user is presented with short and superintuitive key information flow consisting of icons and buttons. In few seconds user can send all critical minimal information the security force need for sufficient reaction

Security HQ receives the reports. If multiple reports they can see aggregated consolidated real-time report and individual break-down per user, they can pass qualified report to their forces on the ground or forward it to authorities.


Users are presented with simple contextual personalized tips, based on the report, nature of threat, location and other conditions available with further updates.

The users get precise instructions how to behave in case of terrorist attack.The instructions help the users to overcome the stress and find out the efficient protection.
Also, the instructions help the users in providing the efficient emergency response concerning self-aid and helping the others.

Forces are informed directly by app users and are responding to the threat, while HQ is on stand by for further updates from the users.


We are currently researching various markets including wide range of businesses, institutions and organizations with internal or external private security in risk of terror attack or in areas with frequent terrorist threats or past attacks.

Private security companies
Companies with internal or hired private securities
Companies operating factories or other facilities in high risk areas, urban or remote
Schools and Universities
Airports , metro and train stations, bus stations, harbors etc.
Event organizers, sport associations, tourism-related businesses, transportation companies
Police departments etc.


The system is extremely adaptable, and it can be adapted to various users who would apply it in crisis and emergency situations.

University and school rampage shootings

Fires in skyscrapers

Hurricanes and other natural disasters

Accidents on oil platforms

Desease pandemics



Freemium b2c app with safety tips, terror alerts and ability to turn smartphone into emergency contact device with family, friends and police. App serving as marketing and sales channel for b2b.

Direct sales, trade shows and partnership sales channels.
Contextual and target ads, content marketing, PR


To become standard communication channel and protocol for organisations under attack and exposed to crisis and emergency situations

To offer interface people can use under dangerous and stressful circumstances

To modify and expand our UI & UX and apply it for different uses, from firefighters to soldiers on battlefield

Help save lives and make communication & reporting as straightforward as possible

Use our dataset for analysis and prediction


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